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Group News

Welcome to the upgraded site

Welcome to the newly upgraded web site. We hope you like the freshened up look and the added functionality - read more below for more details. We look forward to your feedback - good and bad!

I have upgraded the website over the last couple of months which has just gone live as you can see. The new site includes the latest version of the content management software (Joomla 2.5). I have given the site a bit of a freshen up with "corporate" Scout Association colours and some minor layout changes. There are two major functionality changes which I hope will make the site more useful.

Firstly, I have changed the "Activity Registration" extension, to add online payment functionality. We have been very pleased how well parents have embraced the concept - it makes administration of all of our many events for 50+ Scouts so much easier. The new registration system looks a little different but is essentially the same. I had to change it as the previous system, although very good, was a free extension and doesn't seem to be being developed any further. The added benefit with the new system is the option of online payment for events and activities. Where a payment is required for an activity it can be made securely online via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can still pay securely online through PayPal with your debit/credit card as a PayPal guest - select PayPal on checkout. You can even select a number of events and add them to your shopping cart and pay in one transaction. If you would like to pay by cheque, please select Offline Payment at checkout - send a cheque in to the leaders as before.

You still need to login to the site to use the activity registration system. The other change I have made is to the emailing / newsletter system. Registration for emails for each section is now integrated into the your website login account. This used to be two separate systems and keeping them synchronised was a pain. Now new users can get a web site login account and can then subscribe to the section email list - one system. All user accounts from the old site have been transferred and your existing usernames and passwords should still work. Those of you subscribed to the Scout section emailing list have been subscribed to the new system. You can unsubscribe at any time.

When you login to the site with your username and password you will see a "User Menu" on the left hand side appear below the main menu. Here you can access your email list subscriptions and view archives of old messages, manage your user details i.e change your password etc, and view/edit your Activity bookings.

The web gallery and Google powered calender is still there. Coming soon will be online PC forms and sponsors pages. We encourage all our members to contribute articles / reports / photos for any event, and hope that the website is becoming a centre point for information about Scouting at 1st Linslade.

You will also notice references to an Explorer section. In September there will be a new Explorer Unit starting, based at 1st Linslade's headquarters in Mowbray Drive. Explorers is for the 14-18yrs age group. The new unit will be lead by our highly experienced scouter Nigel Davies who will be challenging our young people to the next level of adventure and outdoor pursuits. The new unit will have full support and resources from 1st Linslade Scout Group, and will further enhance Scouting opportunities for young people in Linslade. More details will follow.

If you have any queries please contact me by email or through the contacts page.