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Online Application

1st Linslade Scout Group - Membership Application Form

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Data protection - 1st Linslade Scout Group take your privacy very seriously and will not not share any information submitted on this form with anyone outside of Scouting. The details requested are only for use by our Leaders with regard to the welfare of your child.

Please enter the name of the young person, or person applying for membership.
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Please note any allergies known or suspected, and any special dietary requirements.
Please note all medical conditions, behavioural issues, vulnerabilities, or special needs.
Please note any other important information that you feel our leaders should be aware of. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE TREATED CONFIDENTIALLY. Scouting does not discriminate in any way - Scouting is for ALL. Financial assistance can be available depending on circumstances.
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On occasions, photographs and videos of Scouts taking part in activities are taken for a variety of uses. These may be submitted to the local newspapers, the Group, District or County newsletters and websites, or put on display. If you have any objections please indicate you are not willing for your child's image to be used in this way by selecting NO.