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Behaviour Policy

Message from the Group Scout Leader

To All Parents

One of the many worthy aims of Scouting is that everyone should have fun. Essential to this is that every Beaver, Cub or Scout section must have an underlying set of behaviour standards to ensure order and safety. A key part of this is that everyone should respect the values of Scouting, other members of their section, and their Leaders.

I am very proud of the very high standards of Scouting that our leaders deliver to your children in all sections. Behaviour standards are generally very good across the Group. However, in order to maintain these high standards, I would ask for your help in reaffirming with your children what is expected. Leaders voluntarily give their time to deliver an interesting and exciting programme of activities. They do not enjoy disruptive behaviour or constantly having to make themselves heard by shouting at the Group. Leaders will always apply a measured response to disruption, but persistent anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

With this in mind, I would like to remind all of our "Code of Conduct" so that everyone is clear of what is expected.

1st Linslade Scout Group Code of Conduct for all members

• Leaders will deal with minor incidents by talking to the culprits. This will be on an escalating, "Three strikes and you're out" basis, when the third sanction will be a report to the parents.
• More serious incidents such as bullying or fighting will be reported directly to parents, and robust action will be taken.
• Members will be asked to leave if the individual is deemed to be a risk to others or the well-being of the Group.
• Safety is paramount - members MUST listen to instructions.
• Leaders and Adult Helpers should be shown respect at all times.
• In Scouting, a request for quiet is indicated by the Leader raising their arm or blowing a whistle. All members are expected to stop talking and pay attention to the Leader at such time.
• "Flag break" or "Parade" is an important ritual at the start and end of each meeting. Members are expected to be quiet and to show respect to the Aims of Scouting, and to listen to their Leaders.

To conclude, I would like to stress that my overall aim is that everyone in 1st Linslade Scout Group should have fun, safely and considerately. I'm sure that you all share this aim, and I would be very grateful if you could reaffirm this code of conduct with your children.

If anyone has any concerns regarding this code of conduct please contact me.

With thanks,

Andy Skinner
Group Scout Leader
1st Linslade Scout Group

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